Football history

The Game

Football History is an innovative tactical strategy  football video game that will offer 3 different styles of play, American, Canadian and Arena football.  The game will allow the player to  play in several modes from Player/Coach career to GM or Owner.


The game will offer “full” customization, including but not limited to player uniforms, player statistics and stadium venues, which will allow for a wealth of possibilities for the user. In addition to these features, what’s more, Football History can be played in several different football time period eras from 1920 to current day with player models representing these eras!

The game also provides all the rule sets for each style of play as rule sets will accommodate American, Canadian, Collegiate as well as Indoor/Arena football styles of play! 

Football History has been patented and is a result of years of planning and detailed thought. It will truly be innovative to football video games! Stay tuned for more details regarding release dates and live streams! We plan on providing the “thinking” football video game player with what they have longed for, a true “tactical” football video game with great visuals! Version 1.0 of Football History is currently in beta testing and we here at iPlay are very excited for its release as we feel it will truly be a  “game changer” in the industry!

The History behind the Game

Football History was born out of an idea my late son and I had as we were playing a very popular video game title we played often.

My son had posed an interesting question to me. “What if there was a football video game with no limits”? Where you could fully customize teams, stadiums, stats and have multiple styles of play.

I explained to him that no such game exists and if it did it would take a “cash cow” to create! Fast forward almost 9 years later and I’m about to complete the impossible minus the “cash cow”!

I believe there are like minded gamers out there that would love to play a game such as this and I feel this is the right time to make the dream a reality! Enter Football History!.