The Complete Football Coaching Tool!

The Gridiron Simulator is an intuitive Coaching tool that allows football coaches the capability to teach players how to properly learn their on-field assignments. The simulator offers comprehensive features following features that provides coaches with capability to not only plan for upcoming opponents but provide the capability to test newly created plays in 2D and 3D against AI in order to calculate play success rate analytics!  Listed below are some of the key features of the Gridiron Simulator:

Video Tutorials – These set of tutorials can be used to teach players proper football related techniques. 

Play Style Variations - GRIDIRON FOOTBALL SIMULATOR features play creation to accommodate American, Canadian and Indoor styles of play.

Customizable, Stadiums, Uniforms - This feature provides you with the capability to customize the simulator with your branding.

Player Roster, League Playoff, Tournament Bracket and Regular Season databases – These databases will help coaches manage their overall team objectives and team progress.

Player Injury Tracking Database – The Player Injury Tracking Database provides coaches with the capability to track player injuries and rehab objectives.

Excel Coaches Call Sheet and Player Wristband Templates – These templates will help quickly create and organize game plan scripts.

Play Designer – The Play Designer provides coaches with the ability to design custom plays and formations.

Playbook Creator - The Playbook Creator provides coaches with an added ability to organize team playbooks. 

Telestrator Utility - This feature allows coaches to import video of created plays as well as videotaped plays in (MP4 format), which can be marked up on a touch screen enabled computer to educate players on position assignments.

SMART AI – This feature provides coaches with the ability to test new and existing plays against AI in order to tabulate play success rates as well as create usable analytics for game preparation.

Custom Branding

Because GRIDIRON FOOTBALL SIMULATOR allows for extreme customization, it provides an excellent opportunity for organizations to insert their own branding.